Disposable helium Gas tanks

These cylinders are purchase only no rental or hire.

They will blow up approximately 50 9″ balloons.
These cylinders are for Hire only.

There are three types

N10 Helium Cylinder
Inflates 290 x 10″ latex Balloons, 200×11″ latex Balloons, 165×12″ latex balloons. 180x 18″ foil balloons

Weight 12Kg, Height 655mm, Diameter 176mm

Notes: Small sized and lightweight, good for small to medium parties and events. small balloon releases and charity events

N20 Helium Cylinder
Inflates 575 x 10″ latex Balloons, 400×11″ latex Balloons, 330×12″ latex balloons. 360x 18″ foil balloons

Weight 25Kg, Height 870mm, Diameter 203mm

Notes: Medium Sized, good for medium parties and events. general balloon releases and charity events.

N30 Helium Cylinder
Inflates 860 x 10″ latex Balloons, 605×11″ latex Balloons, 495×12″ latex balloons. 535x 18″ foil balloons

Weight 49Kg, Height 1050mm, Diameter 230mm

Notes: Large Sized, good for medium to large parties and events. good for balloon releases and larger charity events.

Helium gas hire

All Hire pricing includes delivery and collection from designated point(s).

We currently deliver in the Cambridgeshire area, and Suffolk Borders.Huntingdon, Ely, Newmarket, Haverhill, Royston, St Neots Cambridge and surrounding areas.

Email or call us to find out more.